Rates, Logistics, and Important Information for New Clients

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Insurance is not accepted.

Couples Counseling, Marriage Counseling, and Relationship Counseling sessions are $185* and last 55-60 minutes (and $225* for sessions lasting 1 hour – 1.25 hours). I recommend that the first session with couples be the 1.25 hour session. Some discounts may apply.

Individual counseling sessions are $80 for 30 minutes, $125 for 45 minutes and $145* for 55 – 60 minutes. The initial individual session is always the longer session (~55 minutes) and cost $145* . Some discounts may apply.

Life Coaching: Programs range from $265 to $500 per month, depending on how many sessions are arranged and their length. Typically people receive life coaching for 2 hours a month, divided up into either (4) 30 minute sessions per month or (3) 40 minute sessions per month or (2) 60 minute sessions. Each of these arrangements cost $350.00 (ie 2, 3 or 4 sessions per month). Other options include 1.5 hours per month at $265.00 or 3 hours per month at $500.00. However, my services are flexible and can accommodate the wishes and needs of my clients. The initial Discovery session costs $250.00 and lasts approximately 1.5 hours. Life Coaching is not a mental health service and is never reimbursable by any health insurance.

* These services when paid by credit card have slightly higher prices to cover credit card fees; see Paypal drop-down menu for exact pricing.

Why choose to pay out of pocket for mental health care, instead of using insurance and only paying a small co-pay? It depends on your needs and priorities:

  • Is it important to you to work with the most experienced and effective provider, rather than the least expensive? Someone who does not need to collaborate with, or rely on, insurance companies’ referrals in order to maintain a busy practice? Did you know that in general, the mental health providers in our area who do NOT participate with insurance companies are those who have been in practice the longest and provide the most value?
  • Do you want to work with someone who caps the daily number of clients they see for their clients’ benefit and who by so doing is able to provide maximum attention, energy and focus? I book no more than 3 – 4 sessions per day which means you get better service.
  • Do you value confidentiality of your medical records and treatment? In general, when a client uses health insurance for mental health treatment, confidentiality cannot be assured as the insurance company often gets involved in the client’s treatment to ‘manage the care’ and minimize company costs. A psychiatric diagnosis will then go on your record. It will be in a national medical information computer database, available to insurance companies and, possibly, to future employers. If and when you apply for insurance – medical, disability, or life insurance – that diagnosis will be a factor in determining your acceptance and your rate.
  • Do you value your privacy? Would you prefer not to be diagnosed and pathologized by your therapist in order for them to convince the insurance companies that you really need treatment because then, and only then, can they get paid? Some policies only want a diagnosis, dates, and charges. Unfortunately for consumers and providers alike, other policies, however, approve of a small number of sessions at a time and want frequent documentation of why you’re in therapy, what you’re doing there, and how you’re progressing. The therapist then has to justify each batch of sessions and it can create a conflict of interest. Very personal information is revealed and stays in the system.
  • Do you want a counselor who spends the time to provide excellent ‘customer service’ and is able to do so because they are not swamped with the administrative responsibilities that the insurance companies require? Someone who can get you into the office quickly? It can be hard to get an appointment with a network provider (or even a return call) because the demand from folks needing help who must use insurance is great. Some in-network therapists aren’t actually accepting clients who want to use their insurance or will put them on a long waiting list delaying them several months. They will, however, see them quickly if they pay out of pocket.

You must experience for yourself the difference it makes working with a non-network provider for an exceptionally high skill level and the very best in care, attention and skill. Please allow me to use my 35+ years of experience with you, too!

What my clients have to say

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Susan provided us with the tools we needed to make our marriage stronger, healthier and happier. Susan taught us how to communicate better, to understand where the other spouse is coming from, and to take responsibility for our own negative behaviors. Because of her counseling, we are happier people--both as individuals and as a couple. Susan is very direct and she provides concrete ways in which we can improve our marriage. We are grateful to Susan for what she has done for us.

April 1, 2016

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