Active Counseling & Psychotherapy

Are you “stuck” in any of these feelings?

depressed  anxious  irritable  powerless  self-conscious  angry  resentful  guilty  sad

self-critical  empty

While everyone experiences these feelings from time to time, if they are continuous or if they unreasonably interfere with the quality of your life, then maybe it’s time to take action … Maybe it’s time to consult with me. I am the therapist that people turn to when other therapists haven’t helped. In fact, my best client is one who has gone to other providers with little to show for it. I am an active, engaged therapist with the accumulated wisdom and experience from decades in the field.

I do not just sit there and nod and smile as my clients have told me many other therapists do. That might be enough for some clients but not others. I am an ACTIVE counselor. Many people don’t realize that seeing a counselor doesn’t merely mean talking to someone who will just be nice and listen. Not all therapists are alike!

I offer a uniquely interactive style that really helps.  I work with people’s strengths, teach life skills and useful concrete tools, and help clients find solutions to their problems. I offer guidance and insight. I always use a potent blend of my life coaching and counseling skills for maximum effectiveness. I am empathetic and compassionate but also results-oriented. I am both a counselor and a life coach and use various skills with all. You will find counseling with me to be a different experience.

I provide confidential active counseling and psychotherapy to individual adults, 18 years and up. I do not work with children. I am a self-pay therapist/life coach so for that very reason, I am able to offer diagnosis-free confidential help that keeps the insurance companies out of your business.

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  • Develop better coping skills and strategies to deal with life’s stresses
  • Work through the feelings of loss/grief due to divorce, separation, break-up, death, miscarriage, pet loss or infertility
  • Adjust to transitions and life changes related to career, relocation, empty nest, medical illness, birth of a child or blended families
  • Recover from childhood injuries which may include physical, emotional, or sexual abuse
  • Come to terms with hurtful or dysfunctional families of origin
  • Enhance self-esteem, silence critical thoughts and conquer poor self-image
  • Cultivate a greater sense of inner peace and wellbeing
  • Get to know themselves better and understand what makes them tick
  • Develop healthy, satisfying relationships in all aspects of their lives.

I specialize in relationship problems. My relationship counseling sessions for INDIVIDUALS can help effectively to:

  • Make relationship decisions
  • Heal from or survive infidelity in a relationship
  • Break patterns of involvement in unhealthy or unsatisfying relationships
  • Learn how to have intimate, reciprocal, constructive relationships
  • Conquer fears of commitment, entrapment, vulnerability or intimacy
  • Leave a particular relationship, if appropriate
  • Heal from the ending of a significant relationship
  • Identify what clients want in a mate and coach them to reach that goal

What my clients have to say

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Susan is someone I can truly be myself with. I feel so safe telling her what's going on with me. When I first started working with her, I was experiencing alot of anxiety along with low self-esteem. Susan has a very gentle way of pointing out what my strengths are, when sometimes all I can see are my weaknesses. Because of Susan, my self-esteem has much improved, and my anxiety has lessened dramatically. Susan is a very positive woman. She has helped me to become the stronger, more capable individual that she has seen in me all along. I look forward to every session with Susan.

April 1, 2016

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