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I am an experienced counselor, psychotherapist and life coach offering a comprehensive range of diagnosis-free services designed to foster personal growth in individuals and couples. I have been in private practice for decades. I offer a uniquely engaged and interactive style that clients have found extremely helpful and refreshing. I am results-oriented and solutions–focused. I am a psychotherapist and professional counselor and I hold a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology. I received my certification as a professional life coach in 1999 through The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) of San Rafael, CA.

I have special expertise as a relationship and marriage counselor. Relationship counseling, couples counseling and marriage counseling are my specialties.

Please note that my office has been moved from Sherborn, MA to Woodinville, WA and all sessions are conducted over online video or phone as of 2020. Therefore, health and safety, location, weather and traffic are no obstacle to getting expert help. 

Exceptional Counseling

  • solve marital or couples problems
  • feel less depressed or anxious
  • move beyond crisis
  • heal from old or new hurts or losses
  • increase your self-esteem, silence inner critic
  • learn to cope with life’s various stresses and difficult circumstances
  • develop healthy relationships in all parts of your life
  • get guidance, feedback and support
  • develop more insight and understanding into yourself

Exceptional Life Coaching

  • set and reach goals
  • find more fulfillment and passion in your life
  • reach your potential
  • become more successful and productive
  • stop procrastinating
  • create a more balanced life
  • find your life partner, if single
  • live according to what is truly important to youMy life coaching services can be conducted on the phone or skype.

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