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How do I start the life coaching process?
How much does life coaching cost?
How long does personal life coaching take?
What does your life coaching certification signify?
What makes personal life coaching so convenient?
How is life coaching different from counseling and psychotherapy?
What are the advantages to working with a life coach whose background is in counseling?
How is personal life coaching different from consulting?
Does life coaching focus on work or personal issues?
How do the words partner, collaborate, and alliance help define life coaching?
Is personal life coaching just about action and doing?

What my clients have to say

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Susan provided us with the tools we needed to make our marriage stronger, healthier and happier. Susan taught us how to communicate better, to understand where the other spouse is coming from, and to take responsibility for our own negative behaviors. Because of her counseling, we are happier people--both as individuals and as a couple. Susan is very direct and she provides concrete ways in which we can improve our marriage. We are grateful to Susan for what she has done for us.

April 1, 2016

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