Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I start the life coaching process?

Contact me to schedule an appointment for a Discovery session, which is the initial, structured session that forms the foundation of our work to follow (during the Discovery session we will explore values, focus areas and goals). Then we can decide what kind of schedule would work best for you.

How much does life coaching cost?

Prices for life coaching services and programs range from $265 to $500 per month, depending on how many sessions and how long they are. Typically people receive life coaching for 2 hours a month, divided up into either (4) 30 minute sessions per month or (3) 40 minute sessions per month or (2) 60 minute sessions. Each of these arrangements cost $350.00 (i.e. 2, 3 or 4 sessions per month). Other options include 1.5 hours per month at $265 or 3 hours per month at $500.00. However, my services are flexible and can accommodate the wishes and needs of my clients. Some discounts may apply, as well. The Discovery session costs $250.00 and lasts approximately 1.5 hours.

All life coaching rates include updates and spot coaching via email between sessions. (Clients have found spot coaching to be a potent way to stay on track and remain motivated and connected with me.) Fees are always paid upfront on a monthly basis. Life coaching can pay for itself in increased productivity and quality of life.

How long does personal life coaching take?

I request that clients make a three month commitment to the coaching to give it a full chance to demonstrate its effectiveness. This is not a financial commitment but a psychological one. Therefore, the coaching might last only three months or it may continue on for a year or more. You will know when it is time to end.

What does your life coaching certification signify?

Unfortunately, anyone can call themselves a life coach at this time. Presently, there are no standards or requirements for training or certification. Hopefully this will change soon to the benefit of consumers. I have completed a rigorous coaching training program (Coaches Training Institute) which is accredited by the International Coach Federation and am certified as a coach by this training institute. In addition, I am licensed as a professional counselor and psychotherapist.

What makes personal life coaching so convenient?

Life coaching can be conducted on the phone or Skype in the convenience of your home or office. Some local folks might opt to do it in person (my office is located in Sherborn, Massachusetts, a MetroWest suburb of Boston, just south of Natick and Framingham). People have full and busy lives and some might not like not to deal with traffic or weather conditions; coaching on the phone or Skype is a viable option for them. Location is truly no obstacle.

How is life coaching different from counseling and psychotherapy?

Life coaching deals with the present and future. It does not examine the past but instead creates your future. The life coaching I provide is therapeutic, but it is not therapy. Counseling and psychotherapy usually deal with problems and healing and entails working with the past as well as the present. Also, life coaching is not considered a mental health service per se and is therefore not reimbursable by health insurance.

What are the advantages to working with a life coach whose background is in counseling?

Thanks in large part to over 30 years of counseling experience, I really understand people and the dynamics of change. I am warm, wise and non-judgmental; I have good intuition and insight. And you benefit when I bring ALL of my skills and wisdom to the coaching table. When I coach, personal growth happens. Many clients have reported to me that they chose me to be their coach BECAUSE I am also an experienced counselor.

How is personal life coaching different from consulting?

As a personal life coach, I help you find your own answers. People are more likely to take action if it is something they themselves have come up with and not been told to do. A consultant is an expert who dispenses advice and has all the answers. I do not give advice per se but do make suggestions, issue challenges, problem-solve and brainstorm with you.

Does life coaching focus on work or personal issues?

The life coaching that I provide is very holistic in that the person’s entire life is considered grist for the coaching mill. Different parts of people’s lives that might be worked on are: career, health/wellness, money, spiritual development, home, family, friends, fun/recreation, etc. Coaching helps you bring balance and satisfaction to all of the various parts of your life.

How do the words partner, collaborate, and alliance help define life coaching?

As a personal life coach trained in the co-active model, I view each and every client as creative, resourceful and whole. What this means is that you are capable of setting and reaching goals and finding your own answers. Count on me to ask the questions! Your dreams and goals comprise the big agenda and you set the agenda for each coaching call. As your partner, I will always see and point out your greatness and potential, even when you lose sight of it.

Is personal life coaching just about action and doing?

Not at all. Life coaching is about growing and learning, too. It’s about being all you can be, to coin a phrase. It’s about evolving and becoming … and enjoying the process. That being said, it certainly involves planning, action and accountability (reporting back to me via email or in our next session). Sometimes negative tapes or messages get in the way of action or making changes and then we work on slaying that old dragon. I have particular expertise in helping clients overcome the old negative tapes. When I coach, I really do get people moving where they want to go based on their own agenda and what is important to them

What my clients have to say

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Susan provided us with the tools we needed to make our marriage stronger, healthier and happier. Susan taught us how to communicate better, to understand where the other spouse is coming from, and to take responsibility for our own negative behaviors. Because of her counseling, we are happier people--both as individuals and as a couple. Susan is very direct and she provides concrete ways in which we can improve our marriage. We are grateful to Susan for what she has done for us.

April 1, 2016

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