April 1, 2016 10:41 pm
April 1, 2016

Susan is a remarkably insightful therapist who guided my husband and me through a devastating time in our marriage. She was patient, empathetic, and able to grasp the crucial issues that were holding us back from saving our relationship. Susan was able to understand those hurdles and then take us one – and two and three – steps farther so we could finally see each other’s viewpoint. Those aha moments happened repeatedly. We could not have gotten there without her help. We had been to a therapist before finding Susan but there was no comparison. We felt safe with Susan. We felt as if Susan cared whether our marriage came apart, or if we were emotionally healthy. She made us strong – as a couple and individually. That is the definition of an excellent therapist. We would return to Susan in a heartbeat and highly recommend her practice.

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